On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

On the second day of Christmas my True Self gave to me,

Two Satyas

(and a Buddha by the Bodhi Tree)

The Two Satyas

I find this to be a constant, often unavoidable, aspect of Dharma in discussions but also in personal practice. The two satyas (two truths) are; worldly truth (samvriti satya); and absolute truth (paramartha satya). Essentially here we are dealing with a great dialectic between that which is relative and that which is absolute, or at least at first it seems a great dialectic, upon further maturation along the path, I find, these two truths are just that- True.

Wordly truth and absolute truth are both true, and what is more they are equally so, in practice. In other words, I find that the essence, or teaching, of the satyas is that it’s not about transcending the world of samvriti satya where suffering is bound to reach and realise paramartha satya where Buddhahood awaits. It is by working with the samvriti satyas, the 4 noble truths for example, day by day that lubricates the way to paramartha satya- where concepts collapse altogether, and in the words of the great Boddhisatva Avalokiteshvara; there is no suffering, no cause of suffering, no cessation of suffering, and no path. There is of course, on one level, but on another in an absolute sense- all is Done.

I find here it is unavoidable to avoid mentioning inter-dependence; any thing is entirely composed of elements that are not the thing. In the one, all resides. This is true of all things, including the Dharma itself; if one looks deeply into one teaching, all the other teachings can be realised. So one on level, for example, a pebble is a pebble, and on another is the Cosmos, but both are correct, it is precisely so, which is why the pebble is indeed a pebble, genuinely.

Being bogged down, residing in only one of the satyas, is unhelpful, in my experience. For example, taking on only relative truths and dismissing absolute truth, one cannot be liberated, by definition, but dismissing all relative truths and attempting to only reside in absolute truth how can you hope to be a bodhisattva? How can you hope to even feed yourself?

The greatest way is holding both with equal appreciation; we have two hands, one for each truth. I have found it helpful to use this phrase in contemplating the Two Satyas; “I am me; I am also not just me; but that makes me- me.”

If you’re anything like me, then you will hold paradox in high regard! And it will not have gone unnoticed that the Two Satyas is a concept itself. So the authentic Way, perhaps what I’ve been talking around and pointing to, is when ready the Two Satyas as a concept will too collapse.


Human, or not?


or sensory cells of the infinite?

The Cosmos resides as every element,

and every element resides as the Cosmos.

Not just human; not just sensory cells of the infinite.

Not both separately.

(by dharmacatapillar)


The Buddha left us with this from the Ekottara Agama,

All conditioned things are impermanent.

They are phenomena, subject to birth and death.

When birth and death no longer are,

The complete silencing is joy.


Many Thanks once again for visiting Yolking Around,

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be,

– a dharmacaterpillar


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