On the 7th Day of Christmas…

On the 7th Day of Christmas…

On the seventh day of Christmas, my True Self gave to me;

7 Factors of Awakening;

(6 Paramitas; 5 Indriyana; 4 Noble Truths; 3 Dharma Seals; 2 Satyas; and the Buddha by the Bodhi Tree)

Within the store consciousness there is a seed of Awakening, of Buddhahood, waiting patiently to be watered. This seed has already been watered in you, and has now began to sprout. A sapling of awakening, with seven tiny limbs, branches, each representing one of the factors of awakening- that support the integrity of the growing Tree.

The Seven Factors of Awakening are:

  1. Mindfulness (smriti)

  2. Investigation of phenomena (dharma pravichaya)

  3. Diligence (virya)

  4. Ease (prashrabdhih)

  5. Joy (priti)

  6. Concentration (samadhi)

  7. Equanimity (upeksha)

Developing these factors in daily practice, we help nurture the Bodhi Tree within, whose figs of pure perfection once fruited will nourish our very being in all that we do and all that we don’t do.

I have already mentioned a little on some of these factors in relation to there appearing in other Dharmic lists, so will focus on those not yet explored. The constant message though is that looking deeply into and touching the essence of one, the others become apparent.

Mindfulness is the energy by which I cultivate through the aid of the breath, it anchors body and mind within whatever is happening. It feels as though their is limitless capacity in this space; it’s the only space where I feel I can ever truly make a decision. And equally, the only space any of the other limbs can be respectfully cultivated. I can investigate truths, I can look upon something with the openness to truly learn, to let whatever it may be speak to me, in whatever voice it may have. To let those who are suffering speak to me, without ever having to open their mouths.

I am an optimist but not at the expense of denying the aspects which the pessimists focus on. Because in the present moment, submerged in the subtleties of mindfulness and investigating whatever is there, with a gentle ease and diligence, so that I don’t give one thing any more power than anything else, it is clear that even when there are things that cause suffering, there are so many beautiful and joyful aspects of being. Falling in love with being. Widening one’s perspective like this, made easier, natural in fact, with mindful energy activated one can generate joyful energy, and it’s this that will birth creativity in situations where one may otherwise feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.

This is where we see flowering on the Tree of Awakening, four huge flowers where one can sit and abide in for meditation, of the Four Brahmaviharas, one of which is joy, another equanimity. Again, this is best practiced by being able to widen one’s perspective, upeksha means “to look over”, to look over a situation, to look over a person’s harsh words and see something else, or rather to see yourself. Equanimity relies on a non-discriminating mind- how would you react to offensive words if you didn’t take this concept of “other” very seriously at all? With the energy of mindfulness, having practiced diligently, and cultivating joy in seemingly sad times and seemingly content times, having an ease of being, investigating and dissolving into experience, the quality of equanimity is just second nature.

Until your Mum has a right good go at you…

I jest. Of course certain situations are easier than others to let the fruits of the practice shine through, and often it is with those we are most intimately related to where we may find it most difficult in practice. But I find if I diligently keep the momentum going, with a sense of ease of course, the Tree of Awakening within consciousness fruits more often.  

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