On the 8th Day of Christmas…

On the 8th Day of Christmas…

On the eighth day of Christmas, my True Self gave to me;

8 Great Tenets of Mahayana Buddhism

(7 Factors of Awakening; 6 Paramitas; 5 Indriyana; 4 Noble Truths; 3 Dharma Seals; 2 Satyas; and a Buddha by the Bodhi Tree)


The Eight Great Tenets of Mahayana

The eight great tenets are exercises of shifting perspective; rattling the cage of the conformed self image. And of course it will be no surprise to you now that we don’t need to look deeply into all 8 to realise and actualise the fruits of the message. By touching one, the other seven are known.

  1. All beings are intrinsically awake

  2. The illusory notion you are a separate self is the veil that masks Buddhahood

  3. Life continues (life and death is just life and death- Dōgen)

  4. All phenomena are the inevitable manifestation of cause and effect

  5. Buddhas actually exist… like right now, at this very moment; not abstractly but in reality

  6. Mutual interaction/intermingling (kan’ō) of sentient beings and Buddhas

  7. Self and other are not two

  8. All beings are in the process of becoming Buddhas (… yes that includes you)

Look at the list. I’m sure, as it did for me at first, there are a few there that seem quite outlandish. But remember- there only needs to be one that resonates for you to read in to, explore, exercise the possibility of and of course let permeate into your current daily meditative practice, and all the other 7 will be apparent. If one is realised so too will the seven.

I will do a series of exploring each of these tenets soon, giving a post to each otherwise this would be a long article. So I would like to say something about the general message, and it is a positive one- you are it. And the realisation of this in each and every one of us is inevitable; it can’t not happen. At the very core of each of us we are perfect and infinite existence, and thus can’t not be on the path to Buddhahood, even if in the world where we live, of conditioned phenomena, Nirvana seems in the far distance. In one sense it is in the far distance and equally true is that it literally could not be any closer.

Once you touch that seed of awakening during meditation, once prajña paramita is exercised, you know who you really are. Now you just have to remember, remember, remember.

A lotus for you a Buddha to be,

– dharmacaterpillar


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