The New You is the True You

The New You is the True You

Many of us harbour both a desire to begin a more sattvic life in order to unravel tensions and bindings- to be at peace- and also innumerable conditioned habits both physical and mental. These habits can obstruct our most venerable quest. These habits are also best at binding us to our ego self. 

Perhaps take some time now to write a list of things that make you- you. Anything that comes to mind, write it, don’t hesitate or hide or even clarify anything. Things you like to do, to eat, things you dislike, bad habits, and good habits. These are often the excercises of our life, reinforcing the notion of our ego being separate and unchanging; because habits are things that don’t seem to go away. I hear a lot “I am, who I am and nothing will change that” and this idea is one of habits.

We already into the 3rd week of the new year, and perhaps New Years resolutions have already been forgotten, maybe they’re still hanging around. But in terms of the practice, this desire to lead a more sattvic life, living in accordance with the dharma, meditating, where are we at? 

5 things to consider 

  1. For now, since we are residing in the world of conditioned phenomena, let’s not ignore time. Get out your diary and schedule. Find a time in the day where time may be allocated to meditation. Find a time for this everyday, so that it can be a regular practice. Maybe make it part of your morning routine? Or otherwise pair it with another daily activity.
  2. Be specific. What meditation? For how long? Why? Be sure to be prepared for what you’re doing, and always remind yourself of intention.
  3. Compassion. Don’t be shameful or cultivate self-guilt if you happen to oversleep and therefore miss the morning meditation in order to get to work on time. Treat it as a great opportunity to cultivate some compassion.
  4. The time is now. Starting a new habit on the 1st of the next month is fair enough but what is there to really prevent you from starting right now? Or at the very least tomorrow?
  5. Be diligent and patient. Your meditation is not to get anywhere, but to realise where you are.

Enjoy the practice friends,



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