Have you had your meds today?

Have you had your meds today?

I came into meditation, like many others, because I had a problem; something I wanted to fix about my existence. At the time, my whole world had been shuck up with my daughter’s brain condition being diagnosed as something the medical world didn’t know much about and couldn’t cure. That fed into more chronic underlying conditions of mental anxiety and physical manifestations of that with systemic psoriasis. I wanted to do something about me, so that I could do more for others. I wanted to fix things. 

No doubt. No doubt at all, after only a few months things had changed, the mental activity and physical actions of my daily life had shifted profoundly. The world looked, smelled, tasted, sounded and felt different- lighter. 

My meditation practice became regular and often, and as that happened, I found that I was no longer doing it for anything, I was not a project to fix or complete. And when people asked, “Why do you meditate?” I found it difficult to answer because I couldn’t relate to the question as much, I would reply “to meditate”. 

Meditation may seem like medication at first, but you may find, as I do, that it’s more like a part of a healthy, balanced diet, not a plastic pill. 

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be,

a dharmacaterpillar


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