Reclaiming Sanity

Reclaiming Sanity

Insanity is defined as the inability to be able to distinguish fantasy from reality. Allow me put it another way; to live in fantasy as though it is reality. With this in mind most people, I dare say, are insane.

How so?

Insane- because they may live day to day according to their own fantastical perceptions and plans; distorted and/or exaggerated memories; and a false sense of I, as a separate and unchanging ego amongst other separate unchanging egos. 

If one is living life according and attached to this manner of being, harbouring this chronic delusion and not even aware of it; insanity is there, or at best- sanity is not yet actualised fully. 

To reclaim sanity, is to live life according to life. To do what is required, not what you had planned for yourself and the rest of the selves. To observe the unfolding of conditioned phenomena- placing no more power unto them than carry inherently. And to participate as co-creator, co-destroyer of co-existence. 

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be,



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