You’re not going to Nirvana 

You’re not going to Nirvana 

Is there some special train ticket you may buy? 

For a special train you may ride? 

From a special platform that may reside, 

In some special place up into the skies? 

You may be a meditator, you may call yourself a Buddhist, and when people ask why? You may answer, there are many answers, that you long for liberation, and what you may say if you were to add some technical jargon is Nirvana

Not the rock band. But the place, right? 

Nirvana is not a place with some location in the heavens. You will never go to Nirvana. 

What is happening on one’s unfolding into the nature of things is best described as  Nirvanaring or Nirvana-ing. Because what is happening is indeed a happening. This is interesting. 
It is interesting because instead of asking questions like “What would it take to be a Buddha and be in/got to Nirvana?” or “How does one get to Nirvana” or “Where is Nirvana/ How do you know when you get there/find it?”, one may ask different questions, which may sound similar but in my humble opinion I am inclined to say the following questions are more helpful; “Is Nirvana something that happens to me, or do I happen to Nirvana?” or “Is Nirvana always happening? Do I just need to realise it?” or “Is realising the Nirvanaring a question of refinement of discernible qualities, increased intellectual knowledge, oral dissolving of the idea I hold about my self? Or all, or none?” 

Is Nirvana something that’s happens to me? 

If Nirvana is a happening, does it happen to me? Someone once asked me this precise question, and I like it. I like it because it’s a good question to ponder over and to probe into. The process of Nirvana here is assumed to have an effect on an object, which is the me.

By suggesting Nirvana is a process, a happening, as oppose to a place/Buddhist Heaven, it seems to straightaway suggest that it must happen to us, like a sickness. This is because of the fallacy of the self as a separate, unchanging entity, which grips societal thinking. Nirvana is not happening to you. Nirvana is happening with you (or as you are happening). There is Nirvanaring and humaning; there is nirvana-human-ing.
Nirvana is not a place; you aren’t going there. You are not a separate unchanging object hanging in the Universe; Nirvana isn’t coming to you. Like torrents maintaining each other’s power, but in actual fact connected intimately as one, there is happening happening. 

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