A Week of Hell #01

A Week of Hell #01

“I didn’t expect Buddhism to threaten people with demons and torment and Hell.” -a spiritual but definitely-not-ever-ever religious person at a meditation session last year. 

At the time, I approached this perspective softly and carefully, tip-toeing around, after all I didn’t want to put him off. “Don’t focus on it, if it’s unhelpful,” I suggested. 

But, now is the time the talk about Hell. So, this week, everyday, sometimes twice a day, I’ll post about Hell, in a series termed “a week in Hell”. We shouldn’t not talk about something just because it’s unpleasant to think of or talk about, nor should we focus on that something ever second of our waking life. I think a week will suffice. 

I did write about Hell briefly last year in the 12 Days of Christmas series. So, to start of and set the scene, here’s what I wrote:

“We will all come to know Hell, if we have not already. In this realm we are under the spell that life is suffering, and anything else that comes to visit, whatever its intentions, will only cause more suffering. Freedom seems to have left us out in the cold dark dust. Space, if you can find it, is filled by suffering before anything else even has a chance. But even Hell is impermanent.”

The intention is that by exploring concepts surrounding Hell, and the faces of Hell, we can eliminate, or free, certain misconceptions and worries we may have, realising the 3 dharma seals along the way. 

A lotus for you,

Buddha to be.


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