Time to Blossom

Time to Blossom

What’s your favourite aspect of Spring? 

Welcoming the Spring, we all emerge from the shadows. Now is a good time to reflect, if we haven’t been already, on what our shadows have been in the last few months. What’s been keeping us from living vibrantly? 

What have we been in the dark about? Our (mis)conceptions and views about ourself and others now have a bit more light shone upon them, we may see them clearer. It is a chance to reconsider things, to see everything that little bit clearer. 

Maybe a time to revitalise meditative practice? In the winter period meditation can be more difficult to keep up, lethargy can set in, we can lose momentum. Now Spring is here, I feel more invigorated, looking upon the blossoming trees in the woodlands, there is vibrancy. Life is once again plainly obvious. Meditation, the act of living life, is easy! 

Don’t let Spring pass you by and lose this grand opportunity to touch the reawakening of vibrancy and colour. So often we can be in winter then to summer, and miss the transition, miss the blossom, miss our own blossoming. I love noticing the tiny green buds emerging on the trees. How many of us in society fail to notice these moments? 

I welcome the Spring, I welcome myself and everyone else to be an active part in Spring. 

Kind wishes,



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