A week of Hell #03

A week of Hell #03

Who knows you well enough to bring upon the worse kind of Hell? I know who knows me enough- me. It’s important to remember that to blame is futile in the eyes of codependent arising, and the only way to have any chance in changing the stream, is to first slow it down, which is to say- to slow oneself down. So this is not a post to cultivate any kind of guilt, but to explore our own role and experience in Hell. Sincerely, the demons of Hell, are the aspects of what you call you, not because of anything weird, but just because my demons couldn’t touch you in comparison to yours. We hurt ourselves more than anyone else ever could, or at least we have that potential, and we wouldn’t even know it. It is torment every single moment, without rest, because we are always with ourselves. 

Fear Hell if you want, but that won’t stop it imprisoning you if it happens, if you let it. And, my opinion is that just as Nirvana is always possible, so is Hell. In my experience, Hell is not the raging storm of hatred and relentless anger that colours everything differently, narrowing perception and charged with energy and momentum. That’s more like the road to Hell. Or the fall. Hell is bleak. And within Samsara, it is the realm with most silence, the most awareness, the least energised. But the emphasis of this focus is on suffering. In Hell, reality equals suffering only. Time passes by but feels an eternity. Nothing needs to be said. Nothing needs to be done. Nothing can be said or done. There is no space in Hell present do so. When the mind is Hell in Hell, there is no opportunity to escape. 

Hell is of Samsara, Hell is impermanent, it will too pass. In this state one’s heart-mind may be exhausted, but there is no pretence here. Once the mud has settled, clarity is gained. Truly, I believe from my own experiences, that the state of Hell is a place whereby great realisation can occur; plunged into darkness and void of pleasures, there are no distractions, only the suffering you’ve done. No escape. Until the heart-mind explodes. 

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One thought on “A week of Hell #03

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    We will all come to know Hell (naraka), if we have not already. In this realm we are under the spell that life is suffering, and anything else that comes to visit, whatever its intentions, will only cause more suffering. Freedom seems to have left us out in the cold dark dust. Space, if you can find it, is filled by suffering before anything else even has a chance. But even Hell is impermanent.


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