Seriously, don’t take yourself seriously

Seriously, don’t take yourself seriously

It’s not that you need to destroy or eliminate your ego. 

It’s realising you are not only your ego, and your attachment to it loosens, your relationship with ego, yours and others, is no longer a serious issue. Just as we have the biosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and so on, that we explore and examine impersonally, we can study the egosphere in exactly the same ways. 

 The ego is just another component of being human, there is no need to desire the elimination of ego in order to touch happiness and awakening, just as there is little point attempting to never see, hear, feel, smell or taste again. We sense and perceive various things in the World, and one of those things is a self, there it is. Existing. But how much weight is it going to be given in foundational reality?  

Someone hurt you today? Or just your ego? Sure, the feeling is still valid, but how serious is it?
Thank you for reading, it’s good for my ego…😂



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