Do you Mind? Never mind.

Do you Mind? Never mind.

Have you ever felt like you’re losing your mind? Newsflash: You never had it. 

Through insight meditation techniques, reality may be touched and “the mind” is nowhere to be found. Don’t take my word for it, take a look, get down to practice (I’ll keep this brief). The mind cannot be found, because it’s only a conceptual map. We can use the concept and the word in a helpful way to talk about an overarching of experiences but the mind itself cannot be experienced as the stable entity we take it for. Instead, what may be experienced is the pulsating stream of mental sensations, but such is the fleeting nature of reality, in the form of impermanence, anitya, these sensations are echoes and cannot be grasped. Maybe you want to call this the mind. But that would be to redefine the word and concept altogether. 

Mind? No mind? Do you even mind? 



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