The Allthing

The Allthing

Sometimes, I like to call it the Allthing. It has a certain mystery about the word that I like and maybe also because it mimics Odin’s title of the Allfather. I think though, it is because it is the perfect antidote to Nothing.

The Allthing is not just something, or just a thing, it is the Allthing. Some people like to think nothingness is the ultimate truth, or oneness, and I can accept these words and talk using them to those who prefer to use them. No problem- appropriateness is paramount in discourse. But, for me, reality isn’t nothingness, it is at least something. And not quite oneness because although there is a fluid interconnected matrix forming a oneness, All is a word that fits this better, and the use of “the” beforehand reinforces the connection of the components of the all into the one.  All here refers not just to all the things of existence, but all the thing of potential existence. All really means all, as a thing. Thing keeps the vagueness, the mystery, about the infinite and paradoxical nature of what we are considering here.

“Just as a reservoir is of little use when the whole countryside is flooded, scriptures are of little use to the illuminated man or woman, who sees the Lord everywhere.” – Bhagavad Gita 2:41 

“But now a great thing in the street
Seems any human nod,
Where shift in strange democracy
The million masks of God.”-G K Chesterton, 1900



Are you committed to your practice? 

  • Many will say they are, and many of those will be committed to a headache. 
  • Many will say they are not; for they do not want it to become a rigid thing.
  • Many will say what practice? That has got to be a joke?!

Abhyāsa is the coming back, with gentleness, to the breath, to the cushion, to the Buddha within and around us, at every available opportunity, with regularity. 

More than we commit to act out the desires of our egos, good effort put in can help us commit to practice. 

Why practice? We practice for a whole number of reasons, each of us have different ones, but when it comes down to it our healthiest, and truest answer, is surely “to practice”. In this way, the difficult times in meditation don’t make it feel wasteful, or make us question it’s assumed efficacy, and our successes can be enjoyed but not expected; appreciated and not taken for granted. 
The cushion awaits

And expects nothing. 

There is no extra burden here,

In the Land of the Do-to-do. 

Thank you friends for reading,

Be well, be aware,

– dharmacaterpillar 

What Matters is That Which is Real

What Matters is That Which is Real

Patience. Patience isn’t a waste of time, even though it may seem like a literal waste of time on paper, it is anything but that. Patience paves the way to insightful thinking and view, thoughtful speech and receptivity. Sadly, patience is severely lacking in the modern world.

People’s perceptions of you and the workings of the world are incorrect and incomplete, they are mostly false and limited to cynical imaginings of vaguely recollected memories of experiences gone-by. And without a grounding spiritual practice that offers routine silence, cultivation of gentle awareness, compassion for all beings, and limitless insight into the workings of the world, is there any hope? 

Please, please be aware of one’s own misperceptions, and rash and harsh speaking. It can do damage beyond the scope of your intended damage. But instead of putting one’s energy into feeling guilt from acting in this way, or fighting the feeling of guilt with a dangerous self-righteous facade; please let us practice patience. 

Before you step onto the pedestal of righteousness and cause unintended damage onto the lives of others, which is never healthy for anyone, please let us be humble for we can not know fully any other person. 

Those affected by another’s rash and harsh words, all of which are incorrect and harmful conduct, please let us continue to practice compassion towards all beings. You may have been affected but take a look into your own depths, your own life, and the good work you put in; for what matters is only ever that which is real, that which you can know but never coherently utter. 

My beautiful daughter teaching me what’s really real 🙂

Blessings Friends 🌟🙏🏼


You’re not going to Nirvana 

You’re not going to Nirvana 

Is there some special train ticket you may buy? 

For a special train you may ride? 

From a special platform that may reside, 

In some special place up into the skies? 

You may be a meditator, you may call yourself a Buddhist, and when people ask why? You may answer, there are many answers, that you long for liberation, and what you may say if you were to add some technical jargon is Nirvana

Not the rock band. But the place, right? 

Nirvana is not a place with some location in the heavens. You will never go to Nirvana. 

What is happening on one’s unfolding into the nature of things is best described as  Nirvanaring or Nirvana-ing. Because what is happening is indeed a happening. This is interesting. 
It is interesting because instead of asking questions like “What would it take to be a Buddha and be in/got to Nirvana?” or “How does one get to Nirvana” or “Where is Nirvana/ How do you know when you get there/find it?”, one may ask different questions, which may sound similar but in my humble opinion I am inclined to say the following questions are more helpful; “Is Nirvana something that happens to me, or do I happen to Nirvana?” or “Is Nirvana always happening? Do I just need to realise it?” or “Is realising the Nirvanaring a question of refinement of discernible qualities, increased intellectual knowledge, oral dissolving of the idea I hold about my self? Or all, or none?” 

Is Nirvana something that’s happens to me? 

If Nirvana is a happening, does it happen to me? Someone once asked me this precise question, and I like it. I like it because it’s a good question to ponder over and to probe into. The process of Nirvana here is assumed to have an effect on an object, which is the me.

By suggesting Nirvana is a process, a happening, as oppose to a place/Buddhist Heaven, it seems to straightaway suggest that it must happen to us, like a sickness. This is because of the fallacy of the self as a separate, unchanging entity, which grips societal thinking. Nirvana is not happening to you. Nirvana is happening with you (or as you are happening). There is Nirvanaring and humaning; there is nirvana-human-ing.
Nirvana is not a place; you aren’t going there. You are not a separate unchanging object hanging in the Universe; Nirvana isn’t coming to you. Like torrents maintaining each other’s power, but in actual fact connected intimately as one, there is happening happening. 

Thank you for visiting Only Yoking, 


Breath Poetry

Breath Poetry

I use poetry in my daily practice, reciting the verse in rhythm with my breath. In this way anchoring mind and body with mindful awareness. 

I have been ill recently (the lack of posts reflects this) and seeds of pain and discomfort have been watered in my mind-body. So this verse arose out of necessity;


Upon feeling the burning flesh

I hear the cries of a thousand cells

Rest dear body, rest dear mind 

A thousand cries? Or mindfulness bells? 

There is no use ignoring pain and trying to move on without proper and appropriate acknowledgement of the pain. This only leads to further tightening and entanglement. The body is prone to all kinds of maladies, but held, embraced gently, it has a tremendous healing capacity. So wherever I am, tuning into the body with this kind of verse, using mindfulness of the breath as my anchor into Reality, healing and wisdom are possible, for me and you.

Wishing you all well on the path,